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Friday, January 06, 2017

Our Experience with purchasing a home at Clayton Homes in Spring of 2015 was amazing.

We have never had someone so experienced and very polite like Lorraine Raschella. She is Great. This Sales Lady did everything she could to get a home that we would like and want. I will be going back in a couple years to get a bigger house. Also, everyone that sets up the house, and the maintenance crew, was amazing. They did everything they could to make our house safe and stay in outstanding condition. The guys that come and fix everything once you house is settled are amazing. They did everything for us in getting everything done that we needed to move into our house.

I'm telling you this has been the most Respectful People/Business we have ever dealt with and actually helped ever way possible..

Thank You So Much Again!!!

Our customers are
our best sales people.

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